Our Vision

Our mission is to connect with people through our passion for dance and use this passion to thrive as a community. We aim to create a positive environment where anyone, regardless of proficiency, can learn and progress in this beautiful artform while socializing and meeting new people.

We are one tribe; we are one passion.


We are contagious hardcore fans of dancing, and we love to share emotions and connect with people through this beautiful art form.

Our qualifications united with our infinite passion allow us to provide the best learning experience for all our students.

We offer courses in multiple dances with consolidated teaching programs that cater to complete beginners to advanced dancers in a supportive, friendly, and positive environment.

If you are looking to meet new people, learn a new skill, and improve your health, you have just found your tribe! Join us in our next free introductory classes.



+353 89 486 8387

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