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Do I need to bring a partner? Is it common for people to start a course alone?

You do not need to have a partner to attend a course.

Most people arrive at their first class alone. We place a big importance on community and friendship at The Tribe.

It won’t be long until you have a whole new group of friends!

I have never danced before and I have two left feet. Is this for me?

Don’t worry! It is our job to teach you. Leave it to us.

We start with the basics and we have many experienced and helpful teachers ready to help you out if you need it.

Do I need to have dance experience?

No. Beginner 1 classes are targeted at total beginners.

I have some dancing experience. What level should I join?

Once you attend your first class, our teachers will be able to place you at a level that is suitable for you.

I’m a little nervous about my first class. What can I expect?

Expect to have some fun! It’s natural to be nervous, but don’t worry, you won’t be the only one.

We will start with the basics by showing you the simple steps to get you

You will then have the chance to try some partner work.

Team members will be available before and after class to answer any questions you may have.

What should I wear to class?

Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Bring along a bottle of water too.

How are courses structured?

Courses are structured in 8-week blocks. Courses currently offered are:

● Salsa
● Bachata
● Tango
● Ladies Style

Timetable available here: Link

What happens if I can’t attend the full 8 week course?

Try your best to attend the full course as they are structured in a way that builds from week to week.

If you miss one to two classes, you should be able
to catch up.

If you will miss quite a few weeks, there is a drop in the rate of €15.00 per class.

(This is not available for beginner 1 courses.)

How much is a course and how can I pay?

One course costs €95.00.

We also have drop-in or monthly payment options.

Payments are accepted by card, cash, or Revolut.

Discounts are available for beginner 1 courses for those who sign up
immediately after their free class.

Special offers also apply to those who sign up for more than one course. E.g. Salsa + Bachata.

Where do classes take place?

Classes take place in Middle Parish Community Centre.
○ (Near the courthouse)
○ Street parking available.

What safety protocols are in place for Covid 19?

We take every precaution with regard to Covid19. There is a Covid Officer in place who keeps up to date with Government restrictions as they are announced.

Where can I find more information?

Facebook Page: Here!
Instagram: Here!
Youtube Channel: Here!
Official merchandise store: Here!




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