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As human beings, we are always finding a way to get healthier and feel better too.
This is such a great concept and it should be praised – but how many of us decide that “I’ll start tomorrow “ and then that “tomorrow” never comes?
OR we start going to the gym, jogging, etc, and after a little while we get demotivated, bored, and give it up :0(

There is a solution to all of that: DANCING.

In this article, you’ll find a condensed explanation of the many pros that Dancing has as a tool for getting and staying fit.

The benefits of dancing are so many that is really like talking about the “magical solution to many problems”.

Dancing due to the components of its discipline is all-encompassing.

Music is the foundation upon which dance builds itself.
The stimulus that music/rhythm has on our brain is really amazing.
Endorphins are released and a sense of well-being starts kicking in.

Body movements are beneficial to the body in many ways:
they help improve coordination, memorization, endurance, and flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, help with weight loss, boost the immune system, speed up metabolism, and are great as mood enhancers.

The social aspect of dancing is also great for getting and staying fit while having fun.
Great communities are created through dancing.
Getting to know new people from different backgrounds and beliefs – all this also helps to keep an open mind.

When we talk about fitness we usually think about our bodies while forgetting that real fitness is all-encompassing: Mind – Body & Spirit
And dancing really is the ultimate fitness regime for our personal trinity.

Another great plus about Dancing as a fitness tool is that no matter your age, you can dance.
From very small children to more advanced adults, Dancing is good for everyone.

What better way to look after yourself than to get fit and be happy?

For a more in-depth explanation of the benefits of dancing in different dancing modalities – please read “Hidden Benefits of Caribian Dances” by clicking on the link below:






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