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Like many other dances, Caribbean Dances have an array of obvious benefits that range from the physical to the mental and everything in between.

BUT what are the hidden benefits of Caribbean Dances? Few people could pinpoint them but we all experience them every time we dance these beautiful dances.

OK, before we start we need to take a very quick step back in time to understand why the Caribbean Dances were born and what real purpose they served:

Despite some differences, (locational area rhythm, style) all of these dances have one thing in common:
Their Root = Slavery.

These dances were created by people who had no other way to express their emotions and states of mind due to their extremely repressed living conditions.

The Caribbean Dances that resulted from this innate need to be able to express themselves without being punished gave them the only safe release of what they felt inside.

The rhythms and movements have chosen mirrored specific human emotions and states of mind:
Rebellion, Joy, Desire, Pride, Feeling unbreakable in the face of adverse circumstances, Closeness and
camaraderie, resilience, etc.

All well and good, but what has all that got to do with Hidden Benefits to us as free people when we do dance Caribbean dances?


Here we go:

We are all born with what is called “cellular intelligence” which enables us to understand without the need for words very deep emotional concepts.

When we dance Caribbean Dances, we innately feel the messages that that particular dance conveys and we express it and release it through our body movements.

We connect at a very deep level to our primordial non-verbal understanding of the environment around us:
When we feel one with our true being (even the most recondite part) physical reactions happen that are immensely positive to our total well-being.

But of course, it does not end here, the benefits of dancing Caribbean Dances are really all-encompassing:

  • Lower Blood Pressure (lowering the risks of strokes and heart attacks)
  • Greatly improves memory by having to remember moves, choreographies, etc. (this helps in keeping an active and fresh mind)

Body Fitness:

The amount of muscles used in dancing Caribbean dance is huge. The whole body is engaged. It’s a full workout without the need to go to the Gym- and it’s more fun!

Huge increase in flexibility; both physical and mental:

As already mentioned above, every set of muscles is engaged and this also helps with muscle flexibility.
Joints are also kept working and stay much younger, greatly reducing the need for joint replacements, etc.
At a mental level, due to the need to constantly memorize steps and movements, the mental faculties are kept “on their toes”. Our mind works with our bodies to make sure to be ready for any changes in moves etc. Flexibility 360

Reduce Stress

There is nothing more effective than going to a class, event, or social to relieve all the stress accumulated in daily life.
While we dance, the stress hormones get replaced by the feel-good hormones. A rapid change of mood can occur and a measurable difference is immediately felt.
The best thing about this point is that the positive mood can stay with us for hours if not days!
We find through Dancing Caribbean Dances the way to calm ourselves and change our mood.

A pathway out of Depression

Without a shadow of a doubt dancing Caribbean Dances is one of the most natural, healthy, and powerful ways to combat depression.
The stress-releasing effects are the start of the process, while the social aspect helps people suffering from depression to reconnect with the outside world and others.
Also, the physical touch (of course always done in a respectful way) really helps the person suffering from depression to feel “accepted” and to accept others in their lives again.

Weight Loss / Boost metabolism

These are really huge points that are very difficult to keep separate.
If you wish or need to shed some extra pounds, dancing Caribbean Dances is definitely the way to go.
Not only the results will be long-lasting but your own Metabolism will get a huge boost with obvious health benefits.

Body Toning, Improved Balance & Coordination

Have you ever heard the saying:
Do you have the body of a Latin American Dancer? :0)
The way your muscles are worked through dancing Caribbean Dances promotes not only your body to become extremely toned but also your balance and coordination become so much better.

Reversal of the Ageing Process

At a physical, emotional, and mental level, dancing Caribbean Dances makes us look and feel much younger.
The physical exercise that is involved, paired with the mental activity required, the lowering of stress that gets replaced by feel-good hormones promote a “turning back the hands of times” effect.

Improves Social Life

The final, but perhaps most important point: Friendship, community, belonging! Finding your tribe!
What better way to get to know new friends and always have the opportunity to get out and have fun than being involved with a Caribbean Dancing community?
Your zest for life is reawakened and made even better. The get-up and go becomes contagious.
Caribian Dancing really creates a new way of life.


As you can see from all of the above, it is very difficult to just speak of one or two benefits that we all get from dancing Caribbean dances and it is nearly impossible to keep them separate from one another.
They all work together on our body & Mind to create an incredible amount of improvements.

Great results at all levels while having fun and rediscovering a love for life.

I choose to dance Carabian Dances :0)





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