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So many studies have been done on the positive effects of salsa dancing on our mind, body and soul.
Without forgetting all the amazing benefits that Salsa dancing brings to us, this article will explore instead the positive changes that happen to us from a point of consciousness connected to our inner self-improvements.

Some of you will be scratching your head after reading the last paragraph, but please allow me to explain:
Every single one of us has personality characteristics that would love to change or improve.
Without further ado – and also to get to the point – here is a list of less desirable personality characteristics that through Salsa dancing are greatly improved, AND that most importantly, after getting firmly ingrained in your consciousness, will also be reflected in your day-to-day actions:


Many of us, at one time or another in our lives, had to deal with this not-so-pleasant feeling.
Whatever the cause, salsa dancing is can be a healing medicine.
From the time we take our very first salsa steps, we start building a sense of lovely
surprise in discovering our real capabilities:
Wow, I managed to learn those steps) to an OMG I had a full dance :0)
That in turn will become self-praising (maybe not immediately understood as such, it might start as a little whispering inner voice), that at a subconscious level will certainly be felt.
You will also start receiving praise from others. People who are part of your dancing group, friends etc.
This will reinforce and expand the feeling of: “I AM CAPABLE” and “I CAN DO IT”


It only takes a small step into salsa dancing, before slowly but surely (or sometimes faster than you think) you will start to feel a difference. Right in front of you a world of “I want to join in” will open up for you!
An understanding of being “seen and accepted” for who you are will create such a boost that you will want to share more and more of your amazing self with others.
You will feel part of something so pleasant and joyful while understanding that you too are an important and integral part of creating all of that.


The dreaded :
“I start something, but I give up easily”.
Well, with Salsa dancing that is very rarely the case.
If you start your dancing journey within a very supportive group, the joy of learning and sharing experiences will be so strong that you won’t want to give it up.
You will be so looking forward to your next class that “giving up” will be a thing of the past.


While dancing Salsa you are always engaged and “kept on your toes”(pun not intended but really appropriate).
Salsa dancers follow the beat of the music, which gets translated into movements.
The movements are followed by patterns, the patterns by choreography, and the choreography by a full routine.
As you can see there is an incredible amount of focus necessary to be able to dance Salsa.
But the magic is that it does not feel like a burden, it is full of fun!
We strengthen our focus while enjoying it to the max.


Salsa Dancing shows us and builds up our power of transformation.
It was always there, to begin with, but we did not understand it.
Salsa – the trigger to become the best version of ourselves.




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